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What Can’t the Government Do?

Hello everyone,      So what can’t the government do?  This has been quite a somber week in politics for America.  This week we saw the GOP officially declare Willard “Mitt” Romney the nominee for the republican party. Oh joy! Now … Continue reading

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Same Sex Marriage May be Legal Under Constitutional Law

Gay marriage and polygamy may very well be an equally protected right under the United States Constitution.  I know, at first glance when reading my statement, it may sound a bit outlandish, but not if you’ve studied the constitution. Personally … Continue reading

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Help Stop SOPA and PIPA!

If you aren’t already aware, the internet community is in an uproar over the proposed legislation SOPA (Stop online piracy act), and PIPA.(Protect intellectual property act)  Rightfully so, many individuals began to protest this outrageous legislation. If SOPA passes, the … Continue reading

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Obama Signs the NDAA 2012: Good bye Constitution, Hello Tyranny.

Greetings and Happy New Year everyone,                 It has been quite a spell since I last published anything.  I allowed the daily grind to bog me down far too much. Those who are fortunate enough to work full-time, you know … Continue reading

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