My First Tweet | You Remember Your First Kiss but what about Your First Tweet?

“Civilization began the first time an angry person cast a word instead of a rock.” –Sigmund Freud

Twitter is 8 years old

               As hard as it may be to believe, Twitter is 8 years old today.   Time has been simply whizzing by as swift as the wind.  Facebook just celebrated its 10th birthday last month and commemorated the event with a condensed highlight video of our statuses.  Well in honor of Twitter’s 8th birthday, there is no ‘memory lane video’ to view of our tweet history, but they have launched a cool “Discover your First Tweet” website for us to view our first tweets.  This is a pretty cool and fun idea!

It’s funny that even after all this time, some seasoned users still refer to it as “twits” or “twittering.”  Regardless of what you call it, there’s no denying Twitter has become an integral part of most our lives within the family of social media.  Who could forget the role Twitter played in Egypt’s revolution?  I searched a few twitter handles and found some pretty memorable moments.  President Obama’s first tweet was about ending the Iraq War.  CNN’s first breaking news tweet was literally “Testing.” Ron Paul’s 1st tweet, from his non-congressional account, was about his 2012 presidential exploratory committee.

My first tweet is somewhat comical because technically, it’s not my first.  I joined back when twitter was still very glitchy.  This is back when Twitter was regularly overloaded with user activity and the giant whale page would show up.

I originally started with a different account but had to delete it because my avatar vanished.  When I deleted the account, someone else used my old handle, so it does not show my original twitter feed either.  Anyhow, back when I contacted Twitter support, even they could not resolve the avatar issue.  No matter how many times I kept re-uploading my pic, it wouldn’t take.  I didn’t want to roam around twitter in the form of an egg so after about a week of exchanging emails with tech support, I deleted my old account and started anew.  So yeah.  My first is technically not my first, but it’s still cool to see my twitter origins in this capacity, nonetheless.  How much have you changed since your first tweet? Did you use hashtags?

Down below, in chronological order, I have embedded a list of 15 1st tweets I found to be interesting.  I started my list with the first tweet ever published which was tweeted by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey.  Have fun and enjoy looking up the #FirstTweet you ever tweeted, and those of others.  I’m having an enjoyable time with this tool and am already looking forward to seeing what Twitter will do on its 10th anniversary.

The first tweet ever published.

Testing Twitter? Not exactly breaking news.

Oh Fox News.  I don’t know what to say. LOL!

How’d that turn out?

The first generation Iphone launched 7 days before this tweet.

How bizarre is this? A missing ship 5 years ago and a missing plane today? Fascinating

Before the investigative journalism segments titled ‘Reality Check.’

Abby Martin always showed an interest in ‘Breaking The Set.’

2012 being his most successful presidential campaign, he won the Iowa Caucus.

Stephanie McMahon’s 1st tweet was actually a Re-Tweet of her husband, TripleH.

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