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My First Tweet | You Remember Your First Kiss but what about Your First Tweet?

“Civilization began the first time an angry person cast a word instead of a rock.” –Sigmund Freud                As hard as it may be to believe, Twitter is 8 years old today.   Time … Continue reading

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Media Warfare | The United States vs. Russia?

“Journalism is printing something someone else does not want  printed: Everything else is just public relations.”–George Orwell In this day and age of the 21st century, we have a plethora of ways to receive our news and information.  Television, radio, … Continue reading

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Entertainment VS. Reality

“En-ter-tain-ment: Amusement or diversion provided especially by performers.  Something diverting or engaging.” “Re-a-li-ty: The true situation that exists: The real situation. Something that actually exists or happens: A real event, occurrence, situation, etc.” If you are reading this and reside … Continue reading

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Goodbye 2012…Good morning 2013

I just realized tomorrow is new years eve. Hmm…so that is that? The last day of the year is tomorrow? To sum it all up, my 2012 was no where near typical. I’m very pleased to see my 2012 experience … Continue reading

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