Help Stop SOPA and PIPA!

Click on photo to link to SOPASTRIKE.COM

If you aren’t already aware, the internet community is in an uproar over the proposed legislation SOPA (Stop online piracy act), and PIPA.(Protect intellectual property act)  Rightfully so, many individuals began to protest this outrageous legislation.

If SOPA passes, the U.S. federal government will have the right to shut down any website they choose.  They don’t have to offer up a warning, warrant, or anything of legal, due process.  With PIPA, the idea is to blacklist sites who engage in copyright infringement.  This bill also is designed to exclude said sites, from online searches.

I don’t support copyright infringement, but as we already know by examining history, congress is looking to pass this constitutionally unsound law for reasons beyond infringement.  This would have a direct affect on the 1st amendment.  For example, if you are an outspoken individual with a site to back up your voice, your voice of dissent against corrupt entities can now be censored by the federal govt.  Remember, if these bills were to pass, they’d need no explanation to shut down your site.

Most recently, Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo, and several other large web based companies have now joined the protest against both SOPA and PIPA.  For more information regarding this, click on the photos featured in this article.  Also, to get you further up to speed, check out the clip from RT Americas’, ‘The Alyona Show’, as she  has discussed this in great detail for months on end.

I feel the internet is our final line in the sand against corruption and injustice.  If we don’t

Click here to protest to the U.S. Congress. Make your voice heard.

fight to protect it, liberty as we know it may be a thing of the past.  Just think of how many movements have happened globally in the recent years; born through online protests.  Long live liberty!

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