About Valente Journal

    Greetings to all visitors and avid readers.  Welcome to A Valente Journal.  My name is Lorenzo.  I’m an American driven by goals, with a vision geared towards success.  My immeasurably strong passion for knowledge, understanding, and a zest to live, fuels me.  To learn something each day is an invaluable treasure.  Noting the aforementioned, I’m a proud supporter of the United States Constitution and what it truly promotes: Individual Liberty, Sound Money, and moreover, an Unalienable Bill of Human Rights, to name a few.

     The main focus of The Valente Journal is the observation and critique of various news items surrounding government, history, & culture.  You’d be surprised at how exciting & relevant history truly is to each and every one of us.  My primary mission is to inspire others to become more self-aware and active within their own respective communities.  Life is beautiful and I think it’s time we all exercised our rights to actually start living it.  Hopefully you’ll drop by for the various topics of discussion; stay & share the message, of Liberty & Prosperity.



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