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What Can’t the Government Do?

Hello everyone,      So what can’t the government do?  This has been quite a somber week in politics for America.  This week we saw the GOP officially declare Willard “Mitt” Romney the nominee for the republican party. Oh joy! Now … Continue reading

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Universal Cycle: The Ancient Mayan Calendar

     It’s Thursday 10 February 2011. Yes, it’s the middle of the month, and one day past hump day, but today may have some significance to it.  According to the ancient Mayan civilization, this marks the 1st day of “The Universal … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

                    I know most of us may already know the story behind the Pilgrims and Native Americans.  About how the Pilgrims betrayed the Native Americans some time thereafter they all shared in such a wonderful feast.  Ok-we get it.

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