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HiJack WWE RAW 3.3.14 | Contrast in Reality

“Hijack: Illegally seize (an aircraft, ship, or vehicle) in transit and force it to go to a different destination or use it for one’s own purposes.” This is precisely what the WWE Chicago fans of professional wrestling were set out to … Continue reading

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Defeating Neo-Conservatism: Dana ‘back’ Loesch

Greetings esteemed Valente Journal readers, In this edition of “Defeating Neo-Conservatism“ I’ll be spotlighting the infamous, self-proclaimed ‘conservative alternative’, Dana Loesch.       I was a regular listener of ‘The Dana Show’ for nearly 2 years.  I discovered Dana Loesch while watching an episode of the long … Continue reading

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‘The Power 50’ “Most Influential Talk Show Hosts on the Internet” Really?

          At a quick glimpse, this list appears to be catered to a compartmentalized ‘rightwing’ audience. Therefore, the title “Top 50 most Influential talk show hosts on the Internet” is misleading for it should read “[…

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Super Bowl 45 erects ‘Stupor Bowl’ Infinite?

Greetings everyone, It’s been a brief period of time since this event took place, but I feel a bit compelled to compose an entry here on the ‘Valente Journal’.  Rather than have created an extra long tweet on what I’m … Continue reading

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