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Goodbye 2012…Good morning 2013

I just realized tomorrow is new years eve. Hmm…so that is that? The last day of the year is tomorrow? To sum it all up, my 2012 was no where near typical. I’m very pleased to see my 2012 experience … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama- The Debate that Shall Never Be

Much like many Americans, I was looking forward to observing the presidential debates taking place this Fall between President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.  I’m more than certain the average American voter tuned into the debates for informational purposes. Some are tuned in to finalize their … Continue reading

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Iowa GOP-2012 Caucuses are Upon Us. UPDADTE: Final Votes are In

                For the past 6-12 months, we’ve seen candidates from the GOP tirelessly claw their way to the top of the pack, only to be pummeled back down to obscurity.  Some were bashed so badly, 2011 was the beginning and … Continue reading

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President Obama’s NDAA Signing Statement

Greetings readers and liberty seekers,             Just in case you haven’t read it, here is President Obama’s signing statement, attached to the NDAA 2012.  The contents added to this fiscal years’ NDAA are unconstitutional, and to throw a smoke screen … Continue reading

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