What Can’t the Government Do?

Hello everyone,

     So what can’t the government do?  This has been quite a somber week in politics for America.  This week we saw the GOP officially declare Willard “Mitt” Romney the nominee for the republican party. Oh joy! Now we are going to be all better because

Mitt Romney is fiscally conservative, an experienced businessman, and he is a really nice guy! (<—insert my sarcasm)

     You know, some would argue that the Liberty movement suffered a huge set back this week as well, but I tend to disagree.  An authentic revolution has never been won overnight.  It takes time, passion, dedication, and sometimes great sacrifice to truly when the hearts and minds so that you can win.  If you’ve got the numbers, you’ll obviously and eventually have the ultimate victory.  

     I often chuckle at media pundits like Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity, & a countless slew others who genuinely believe that just because someone has an “R” in front of their name, things are going to magically become better than what the incumbant is doing.  It’s quite similar to watching naive children who believe Santa Claus is real, thinking that if they’re really good, “golly gee willickers, I’ll get something good in return. Yay!”  The democrats and their followers do the exact thing.  This country has voted in both democrats & republicans to control the house of representatives, the senate, and the presidency for how long now? Look at the condition in which the United States is in?  The country is a wreck because the real issues are often glossed over.  I know exactly what the problem is.  Average Americans seem to suffer from short term memory syndrome (STMS), because every 4-8 years when they get fed up with one President of a political party, they vote the opposition right back into power.

     Another big reason as to why this Union of States is in such squallor is because for a very long lengthy period of time, elected public servants have been breaking the law.  When elected representatives fail to uphold the U.S. constitution, and then on top of that, begin making laws that obstruct it, you’ll undoubtedly have chaos and corruption.  George W. Bush -44th U.S. President & republican- under his administration signed the patriot act into law shortly after the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks.  This law conflicts directly with our 4th amendment rights for starters.  Most Americans knew this and were in an outrage throughout the rest of Bush’s term in office as he launched wars in the middle east, declaring a “war on terror.”  Pre-emptively striking Iraq & other middle eastern countries, primarily based on faulty intelligence, has resulted in more American casualties than we originally lost back on 9/11/01.  Progressives/liberals were in outrage calling for an end to the wars and demanded our troops be brought home.     

     Barack Obama -as a U.S. Senator- voted to renew the Patrio Act.  When he became the 45th U.S. President (Democrat), his administration renewed the Patriot Act, yet again.  Obama’s administration launched military strikes into Libya without congressional approval in 2011.  The main message was to restore peace and democracy into the region.  Much like the invasion of Iraq, we were overthrowing a dictator we’d helped position over this country.  This time it was republicans/neoconservatives who were up in arms causing a stir about the war strikes.  The irony here is that the newly elected 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney would have also violated constituional law by launching a war without congressional approval.  Oh, and by the way, the progressives of the country have been virtually silent on opposing Pres. Obama continuing and launching new wars into the middle east.  At least within the confines of the mainstream media any way.  

     Thanks to the mental illness known as STMS, neocons and liberals don’t remember what one administration does from one to another.  Whether it’s mid-term elections, or the general, they tend to become foggy on historical facts quite rapidly.  Maybe color recognition such as Red vs Blue drives them to go into some sort hypnotized module of thinking.  It’s the Red team vs the Blue team, yet they enact virtually identical policies, repeatedly.  I’ll give you one more example.  The “Affordable Care Act” signed into law by President Obama was actually a bipartisan effort and has been discussed for appoximately 20 years.  The more popular hot button issue regarding this is the fact that Mitt Romney drafted his own version of this healthcare act when he was the Governor of Massachusets.  By the way, bipartisan is the new word for “Monarchy.” 

     I will explain more on my monarchy notion in the future, but in  the meanwhile, let’s get back to the original title of this article? The orginal question at hand was “What Can’t the Govt. Do? The answer to that is simple.  Apparently, they can do whatever they want to do because due to STMS, many have forgotten what it written in within the Decleration of Independence.  We’ve all read the constitution in school at some point in time, but hey, whether your on the blue team or the read team, apparently STMS travels far and wide.  I’ll leave you with the comedic stylings of Mr. Tim Hawkins take on what the government ‘can’ do.

A Valente Journal,


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