Congressman Ron Paul: Honored or Dishonored by the GOP


     Good morning everyone,

     I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the retiring congressman from Texas, Rep. Ron Paul was honored by the GOP last night at the 2012 GOP convention.  The GOP establishment paid tribute to Paul with a

 video close to 4 minutes in length highlighting him as a man of integrity, the most conservative and inspiring member of congress in the history of the U.S.A.  Several members of Congress are seen in the video which includes an appearance by his son, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, telling America how lobbyists don’t even bother coming to Congressman Paul’s office because they know he can’t be bought.  Why if one did not know any better, one would think the establishment was either ulogizing Congressman Paul in mourning of his untimely passing, or that they were getting ready to announce him as being the 2012 nominee of the GOP.  The comments about Paul were great, because everything they said about him was true, for a change.  I want to share with you guys how I came to discover Ron Paul and why I’m so angry about what the establishment did and is attempting to do beyond this stunt.  As a true supporter of the Liberty movement, I’m even more furious with the establishment now more than ever.     

     It was just by chance that in the fall of 2008, I discovered who Congressman Ron Paul was. image

Twice before then, in the summer here in Chicago, I’d seen his name and a photo of the back of his head from a speech, on a commercial bus advertisement.  The ad had a quote on it saying…”Barack Obama voted to renew the Patriot Act.  Ron Paul has always voted against the Patriot Act.”  From there, it listed when and where you could see Paul speak that June or July of 2008.  Being familiar with the Patriot Act and how terrible it is, the 3rd time I saw that ad, which was by this time in early, to mid September, I decided to utilize the internet and do 3 things:

1.Fact check that political ad for starters. 

2.Find out more about who Ron Paul was. 

3. Learn about what his objectives were, if he had any. 

Before conducting my research on Paul, I heard his name mentioned by a few teenage voters at least once, in passing conversation.  Ladies and gentleman, not only was I not disappointed, but I was highly impressed.  Never within my voter history had I come across such a remarkable political figure.  I almost couldn’t believe some of the things I’d read about him, but hey, it was all verified.  The man was, and is, constitutionally sound.  The more I learned about him, the more I realized how much he and I had in common.  I felt like I was finally breathing multiple breaths of fresh air! Thinking back, that feeling must have been the spirit of Liberty virtually moving within me!  Unfortunately, being that it was September, I was faced with the realization of it being too late to vote for him in an effort to obtain the 2008 GOP nomination.

     As time marched on, I communicated to friends and family that if he does decide to run again in 2012, I will make a very strong and concerted effort towards getting him that darn nomination.  Surely enough, he decided to run and I began to spread the message of liberty steadfast!  image

Congressman Paul is everything everyone in the video spoke of him being.  He encompasses an abundance of integrity,(which is what I like most about him), he stands strong on his principles, and equally important, he passionately supports & defends the U.S. constitution; never voting for anything that conflicts with this historic document, given to the fact it is the law of the land.  So the GOP gave him all this praise last night and made a video about his hard work and time in congress defending individual liberty; great! The attributes accredited to Paul are, afterall, what the republican party models their platform after right? Why am I angry? I’m angry because for decades, the establishment has promoted and done the exact opposite! 

     The tribute video assembled may have been partly done out of respect for Ron Paul, but I wouldn’t doubt for a minute this was a ploy orchestrated by the GOP as a cheap attempt to appease all of his supporters; hoping we would throw our support to Mitt Romney. Sorry establishment, no dice. Throughout Congressman Paul’s bid for the Presidency, the status quo has resorted to nearly every dirty trick in the political handbook to make sure Paul not only doesn’t get the nomination from the GOP, but that his ideas never see the light of day.  This election cycle, Ron Paul delegates finally had some leverage heading into the 2012 GOP convention down in Tampa.  Paul firmly secured delegates in 5 states, per the rules set forth by the GOP.  This would be a short lived rejoice amongst fellow Liberty and Ron Paul supporters, because within less than 24 hours of the voting process, the GOP establishment sought to change the 5 state rule, as pointed out by journalist Ben Swann within his investigative report.  Of course, the GOP did eventually get their way and changed the rules on the spot; effectively cheating Ron Paul and his delegates out of any chance they may have had to pick up new ground at the convention.  As both a passionate supporter of the Liberty movement and Ron Paul, I’m also a realist.  I figured the best thing short of a brokered convention that would come from the Ron Paul delegates posing opposition on the floor, and establishing a unified presence, would be to at least secure an unfiltered speaking slot for the congressman.  Fortunately, we do live in the age of the internet, so the truth was reported, but to no avail, we did not receive any justice.  On the bright side, future generations will at least know that we, and the delegates in Tampa Bay, FL., tried with all their might to fight tyrannical corruption this election cycle! 

     As I write this, former Gov. Mitt Romney is giving his speech at the convention as the 2012 GOP nominee.  Having been a follower of Congressman Paul’s political career over the past several years, I’ve read countless articles, watched videos, and news segments that make attempts at painting him as not just a “typical, selfish, heartless conservative American politician, but the worst of the worst.  The establishment media has tried to label him a racist despite how long ago or how often he has disavowed words written in his name in vain.  Once the Swann report came out, thus far I’ve not heard of Ron Paul being associated with these outrageous charges since then.  Most common of all these outrageous charges, many have consistently tried to label Paul a “kook.”  If you would have told founding fathers like Benjamin Franklin all those years ago that future generations of Americans would be called “kooks” for defending the newly written Constitution of the United States, a document that firmly preserves and protects the birth rights of every American, they probably would have either laughed uncontrollably, or perhaps may have hung you under suspicioun you were a traitor to the cause of Liberty.  A casual observer of politics would say “hey, that’s politics. It gets dirty.” Considering I’m not a casual observer, but rather an actively consistent one, I’ve discovered some very harsh, ugly truths.  The dirty truth is that despite Congressman Paul’s brilliant record of championing the U.S. Constituion for roughly 30 years, most of the disparaging remarks and charges made against Paul have come from members of his own political party. 

     It really angers me to see that after all the dirty work of the nomination process -carried out by the establishment- has been put in place, the GOP has now decided to give Paul his due.  Really?  Before then, they were continuously mocking him, laughing at his ideas, and doing whatever they could to irrationally put him down.  So yes, the establishment media & GOP would finally show some respect for the Texas Congressman, which is good, yes?  Well, not exactly, for you see, a few important things they left out of Ron Paul’s neatly wrapped video tribute were his key stances on foreign & domestic policy.  Ron Paul has made it perfectly clear that he is especially against unjust wars & intervening into the affairs of other sovereign nations around the world.  How ironic is it that on the same night Ron Paul’s video package played, Sen. John McCain was out there touting more neoconservative rhetoric stating “…People around the world don’t want less of an American presence, they want more.”  Yeah, tell that to the innocent civilians in countries like Afghanistan with a straight face, looking them square in the eyes Senator, then get back to me.  More over, Congressman Paul also knows & believes that a war is not valid without congressional approval, therefore military action should not be initiated.  Why does he think only Congress should declare war, one may ask?  That’s because Ron Paul knows it’s the law which is clearly written in article 1, section 8 of the U.S. constitution.

     Of course the establishment -while referencing Congressman Paul’s voting record in regards to never once voting for a tax increase- conveniently left out Congressman Paul’s long standing fight to restore America to sound money.  image

If anyone knows anything about this Texas Congressman, it’s his long standing battle against the Federal Reserve banking system.  Ending the Federal Reserve banking system has been one of Paul’s most passionate pursuits while in congress.  For decades, Congressman Paul has been warning the American public about the danger’s of the fiat currency system.  image

“Ending the Fed” is a signature component of Paul’s message which promotes Liberty and Prosperity for everyone.  What the GOP attempted to do is tone Paul’s message of peace, Liberty and prosperity down by extracting these 2 key elements on foreign & domestic policy, amongst other key issues, from his message.  As far as I’m concerned, the GOP made themselves look worse because in that video tribute, Paul was made to resemble how the republicans themselves should in fact, behave in congress, e.g: 

1. Never voting in favor of any tax increases.

2. Kicking lobbyists to the curb. 

3. Drafting legislation that would actually reduce the size of government are 3 main things Paul has practiced as a congressman, just to name a few. 

Think about it.  Have you ever heard of any other U.S. political figure on a campaign trail making an argument to get rid of the Dept. of Internal Revenue Service(I.R.S.) whether they were a republican or a democrat?  I sure haven’t.

     Yes, there’s much to be outraged about with regard to the powers that be, but there’s also good things to be happy about, and exciting things to look forward to.  Congressman Paul is all set to retire and he has done a great job promoting the importance and principles of the U.S. Constitution, which along with that, comes the message of Liberty.  He has awakened the minds & spirits of millions of Americans to the original message of Liberty and Prosperity.  By the establishment giving tribute to Paul -the way in which they did- exposed them as the hypocrital self serving criminals they truly are.  They did so on a national platform whereby even their so called democratic opposition was watching.  Young people were watching. Seniors were watching. Libertarians, doctors, carpenters, & teachers were watching.  My point is that America as a whole was watching.  We were watching them expose themselves in plain sight! If his own son, Sen. Rand Paul endorses another candidate over his own father, then you just know this establishment isn’t on the level.  The video package itself has made the case that Congressman Paul is the most conservative and honest member of congress in U.S. history, yet they did not elect nor select him as the GOP nominee in 2012?  That’s a huge victory in my book! Depending on your perspective, it’s near picture perfect.  Ron Paul lost the race for P.O.T.U.S. while winning another small battle, and with our continued efforts, he and all of us who truly value our civil liberties, can & will win this revolution of ideas! From this point on, it is our basic inherent duty as U.S. Citizens to awaken the hearts, minds, and spirits of 10’s and millions-of more Americans to the message of individual Liberty and Prosperity!  I’m calling for all liberty minded, free thinking Americans to unite as Liberty warriors for the cause.  The Liberty movement does not die with Dr. Ron Paul’s retirement from the political arena. 


     Now more than ever, it is up to We the People to begin encouraging our neighbors who encompass outstanding character, principle, and integrity that outshines the darkness of corruption.  Do you want to get rid of the corrupt establishment of political insiders and criminals? Do you want to eradicate them locally, statewide, and nationwide? I challenge you all and say to you, prove it! It is up to all of us to encourage our neighbors, friends, or family who may be our local firemen, teachers, doctors, architects, scientists, inventors, electricians, accountants, secretaries, housewives, house-husbands, and etc.  The list goes on and on.  This is our government for it is written that it shall be of, for, and by the People! We are the People. We are the Liberty movement! We are the core and essential grassroots that once founded and built these United States of America.  Let no one tell you different!  Congressman Ron Paul, thank you for your valiant service as both an honorable statesman, physician, and human being.  You’ve enlightened & reintroduced many people, including yours truly, to the message of individual Liberty & Prosperity and it’s limitless value within a society.  Along the way, you’ve earned my respect, trust, admiration, and sincerest grattitude throughout all of your efforts and accomplishments.  It is now time for We the People of the U.S.A. to stand up strong and resume control of our government.  Some of you may want to utilize the “Trojan Horse style” method of attack by seeking public office within one of the existing political parties.(Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Green) I too, have received the emails from his campaign staff, stating we are the GOP of tomorrow. Personally, I’d encourage you all to nominate and elect your fellow statesmen and stateswomen as authentic independents with no political party affiliations or influences thereof, whatsoever.  I know Congressman Paul stated recently at the “We are the Future Rally” that someday, we’d become the tent of the republican party, but as I’ve learned over time, political parties serve the interests of the party, not the people.  They are self serving and will do anything to gain and retain power.  I accredit the fact that I’ve never ideologically or otherwise joined a political party throughout my entire life primarily due to the fact I was blessed with having such a great U.S. history teacher in high school, while exercising common sense & independence.  He really taught me a lot, so thank you too, Mr. Milkowski.  Heck…look at what the political parties have done to Ron Paul.  His video tribute could also be viewed more as a celebration for the establishment that Paul is retiring; henceforth, they can become even less transparent in their corruptive practices than they already are.  Be that as it may, it’s up to you to choose your own path.  You don’t need a leader to tell you how to live and think.  You are leaders and future leaders! It’s time to take back what rightfully, & lawfully, belongs to us.  I’m asking all of you Liberty Warriors out there; what say you? Where do you stand? Do you stand for tyranny for most, & prosperity for a select few, or are you going to stand for Individual Liberty and Prosperity for all?!  This is a revolution of the mind! Intellect! Ideas! My fellow American Liberty Warriors in arms, this is a revolution we shall not lose so long as we all stand tall, strong, and bravely- together!

“An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government.” -Ron Paul

A Valente Journal,


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