Universal Cycle: The Ancient Mayan Calendar

Rendention of the Ancient Mayan Calendar    

It’s Thursday 10 February 2011. Yes, it’s the middle of the month, and one day past hump day, but today may have some significance to it.  According to the ancient Mayan civilization, this marks the 1st day of “The Universal Cycle” portion of their ancient long count calendar.

If you’ve never heard of this highly intelligent civilization of past times, The Ancient Mayans have a cultural history that is certainly worth taking a look into.  According to the vast majority of Ancient Maya researchers, the calendars approximate start date is August 11th 3114 B.C.  It is based on a combination of solar and astrological projections.  The most exciting part of their calendar is the fact that they’ve exhibited a level of intelligence in astronomy to the likes of which we’ve not been able to duplicate in our time, within this ancient script.  The Ancient Maya have in fact induced quite a summation of prophetical messages within the calendar.

                With that in mind, the long count calendar is comprised of 9 cycles of life.  We are currently entering the Universal Cycle, which is understood to be the 9th and final cycle of this historic calendar.  The idea of this cycle is the theory that we are in an age of global, or rather universal knowledge, which in my opinion, sounds like ‘The Age of Enlightenment, part 2”.  In that regard, I’m looking forward to seeing if perhaps more people take a sudden interest in learning new things.  Personally speaking, I’ve always had a never ending desire to learn as many things as I possibly can, for as long as I can, and whenever I can.  Whenever I ascertain new knowledge that is meaningful, it fills my mind and body with an indescribable enthusiasm that converts to physical energy, which inspires me want to learn more. 

                For more on the Ancient Mayan civilization, I’ve posted links to additional videos provided by The History Channel, and users from YouTube.  So tell me this readers, do you feel any different? Has your thirst for knowledge noticeably increased? This period of “Universal awareness” is said to last from 2/10/11 through 10/28/11.  Whether or not you believe in the prophetic calendar created by the Ancient Mayans or not, I know for sure there is nothing wrong with learning new and exciting concepts.  If you have an opportunity, think about a subject you may have wanted to learn more about, write it down, and in your spare time, do some research on it.  Good sources are your local library, bookstore, or these days, the web even has credible resource data available too.  Remember, learning isn’t solely accomplished in a tangible classroom, for life itself is a universal classroom, and yes, we are the pupils. Enjoy your day,

A Valente Journal,



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