We The People vs. The American People

Food for thought caption. Food Pyramid Lightbulb and bubble captionHi everyone, so here’s a “food for thought” Friday item for you to ponder this weekend. Okay, check it out…

How do you feel about the following phrases?:

1. The ‘American people’.

2. The ‘Egyptian People’.

3. The ‘Little People’.

4. The ‘Japanese People’.

5. The ‘Russian People’. 

And now, how do you feel about these phrases?

1. The ‘black people’.

2. The ‘white people’.

3. The ‘chinese people’.

4. The ‘dirty people’.

5. The ‘smelly people’.

     Does anyone else notice how silly these words sound when arranged as they are above? This is definitely a play on words, because if you said to someone…“You People”, whoever was being addressed would be up in arms about the connotation. What are we, frikkin martians, or sub-human? When did we, as a society, begin to speak this way? I must have missed the memo.  It’s freakishly annoying, sounds demeaning, & I cringe just about every time I hear a journalist or politician utter the words ‘The American People’. They speak as though they’re referring to retards, children, a thing, or just someone below them intellectually, as the word “The” itself, can be used to introduce a title or object. I never say, “hey, here’s my college buddy, the Bob”. C’mon…it’s INSANE!!! (smh) 

When I was growing up, it was proper as well as respectful to address a person’s nationality as the following:




-The Japanese


Now how about if I were to say Chicago residents, or Chicagoans. Sounds good right? 

     However, if I say, “The Chicago People”, “The Miami Beach City People”, or “The NYC People”, it sounds like some sort of bubble community that is seperate from the rest of the human race. Maybe I’ve become too polished in how I speak and write over the years (nah, that’s not it), but this sounds like the world is being intentionally dumbed down in how we think, speak, and interact with one another. Heck, with computers being placed in every facet of our lives, many of us no longer practice penmanship, a lost and dying art. Sometimes, I fear our level of intelligence is regressing amongst the masses.

Here’s a perfect example: Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, launched this campaign titled “If you see something, say something” last July of 2010.  This was in reference to things that may look out of place, or could be seen as a dangerous element, which may be a potential act of terror.  Now we should definitely be aware of our surroundings, and my central point is this; look at the way in which it’s worded…”See something, say something.” I know without a shadow of a doubt that most of us had good parents that taught us these very same principles, and worded them precisely the same way mind you, when we were about 3-5yrs old.  I mean, seriously, did we become 18 & over, just to become children again folks? 

Thank you, that is all, and have a good weekend “Facebook people,” “Twitter people,” and “the internet people.” (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist that one) 😀

Okay, okay, I’m mellowing out. (I’m breathing in, and I’m breathing out) 😉

A Valente Journal,


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