HiJack WWE RAW 3.3.14 | Contrast in Reality

“Hijack: Illegally seize (an aircraft, ship, or vehicle) in transit and force it to go to a different destination or use it for one’s own purposes.”

Chicago Raw 3.3.14_CM_Punk

This is precisely what the WWE Chicago fans of professional wrestling were set out to accomplish this past Monday 3/3/14.

The vehicle: WWE’s live Monday Night RAW show at the All State Arena.

The destination(s):

  • Embarrass the Brass
  • Daniel Bryan in the Wrestlemania 30 title match
  • Prove that CM Punk is a Wrestlemania main event Talent
  • Elevate Mid Carders

Ultimately, most have deemed the events of this past Monday as Continue reading

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Ron Paul on RT Interview with Liz Wahl|”I was Quite Satisfied with the Interview”

“Dover Yai, No Prover Yai.” -Russian Proverb

 in English translates to…

“Trust, but verify.” -Ronald Reagan

Former RT-News anchor Liz Wahl

Former RT-News anchor Liz Wahl

     Given this week’s recent events in journalism amid controversy between Ukraine, Russia, and the United States, the above quote certainly bears truth and relevance.  The RT News network, formerly ‘Russia Today’, ignited quite the media frenzy on Monday 3 March 2014 when broadcast Journalist Abby Martin spoke from her heart in opposition Continue reading

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Entertainment VS. Reality

“En-ter-tain-ment: Amusement or diversion provided especially by performers.  Something diverting or engaging.”

“Re-a-li-ty: The true situation that exists: The real situation. Something that actually exists or happens: A real event, occurrence, situation, etc.”

If you are reading this and reside within the United States, you are likely aware of the fact that this past Sunday was “Super Bowl Sunday.”  The excitement & spectacle of Super Bowl Sunday seems to have grown more and more intense each year.  Personally, I haven’t sat down to watch a Super Bowl in quite some time, let alone a football game in general.  Probably not since the Chicago Bears choked back in ’2006.’  Anyhow, I don’t have a strong affinity for the game.  Nah…, when it comes to sports entertainment, I prefer to watch pro-wrestling more than any other sport. [Non-Spoiler Alert: I’m aware of the fact that Professional wrestling is choreographed and the matches are predetermined.]

WWE Superstar CM Punk cutting perhaps his best promo in 2011 as he blurred the lines of Reality and Entertainment.

WWE Superstar CM Punk cutting perhaps his best promo in 2011 as he blurred the lines of Reality and Entertainment. Punk received a mass level of media attention overnight for his convincing performance.

I’m chiming in on the topic of Entertainment vs Reality because Continue reading

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Everyone Has an Agenda: Media Bias

“…I am asking your help in the tremendous task of informing and alerting the American people.  For I have complete confidence in the response and dedication of our citizens whenever they are fully informed…”

–President John F. Kennedy

     President Kennedy delivered this exhilarating speech back in 1961.  On occasion, I have actually listened to the audio of his message to the Press, leaving me inspired.  Towards the end of the speech, Kennedy Continue reading

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