Goodbye 2012…Good morning 2013

I just realized tomorrow is new years eve. Hmm…so that is that? The last day of the year is tomorrow?
To sum it all up, my 2012 was no where near typical. I’m very pleased to see my 2012 experience go out on an upswing vs the unbelievable negative feats I had to overcome. It wasn’t easy, but I fought through quite a few personal struggles; most of which were ongoing in various facets of my life, simultaneously.

It really wasn’t until late summer and late fall that I experienced some of my best moments. Moments that further encouraged me. Moments that gave me hope. Moments that inspired me to keep fighting for what’s right, yet keep the strides positive. Moments, to be quite frank, that caused me to smile. Maybe someday soon, I’ll share with you all the precise details of the tumultuous year I had. Overall, for the time being, I’m logging this as the worst year I’ve ever lived and I truly hope it is the worst one I’ll ever have to endure.

On that accord, I wish everyone well in the upcoming 2013 season that is, life. It’s either gonna be good, better, worse, or bad. You’ll never know either way until you actually start living. Pursue life, liberty, and happiness. May individual Liberty, Peace & Prosperity be with all of you. Cheers! 😀 😉

A Valente Journal

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