The Write-In Campaign: I wrote in Ron Paul Because…

Greetings Everyone,

The upcoming general election takes me back to a very important moment in history before we became a union.  Before there was a United States Constitution, the spirit of Liberty was alive and well in the hearts and minds of many.  Before there was a United States, there were colonies under British colonial rule, oppressed by excessive taxation & invasive regulation.  Before there was a federal government, true patriots led the way towards peace, prosperity, and individual Liberty.  Their words spoke volumes and stood for something.  I feel as though we now find ourselves at a crossroads in these turbulent times.  That is why this election season, I am reminded of what took place on 18 April 1775.

On the night of 18 April 1775, Paul Revere bravely galloped to nearby Lexington to warn the Minutemen, the British troops were on the march.  The historic phrase originally shouted out by Revere on that midnight horse-ride “The British are coming! The British are coming!…” will always be known to me as the siren for the original Liberty movement.  Thanks to Revere, the Minutemen were able to spring to their feet and defend themselves against what was supposed to be a sneak attack by the British military.  This marked the official start of the American Revolutionary war, which in the long-run, the Colonists won and eventually formed what we now know as the United States of America.

Today, we are Americans.  Unfortunately, when one does not study history, one is doomed to repeat it.  Elected representatives take office as public servants, but within their mindset, they act as our dictators.  They’ve been legislating how everyone should live, think, and behave for decades.  The Federal Government has become an over-sized central government that has overstepped its boundaries; making up the rules as they go.  They draft thousands of new laws, that are essentially unlawful, that we the people must abide by at gun-point, yet they who legislate these laws stand above them.  This sort of behavior invoked by a strong centralized government is well known as tyranny.  Our American ancestors, the founding fathers of the Republic of the United States of America, fought, and in some cases, died for the cause of Liberty; our independence.  This tyrannical behavior must be acknowledged and put to a stop, immediately.

It’s sad to see that here, in the 21st century, we are allowing ourselves to be oppressed by our elected representatives all over again.  The 1st time as British subjects, and in contemporary times as U.S. citizens.  In the immortal and infamous words of a fictional T.V. journalist, “I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!” My fellow Americans, I don’t just want you to get mad.  I want you to understand why you should be mad, angry, and on the hunt for your individual liberty!  I want everyone to educate themselves on the issues that truly matter most.  Learn the difference between what powers our government actually has.  On the other side of that same coin, I want you all to learn what powers the government truly has no right to take in the first place!  This may not be official on any ballot in the country, but by golly, I’m launching an official write-in campaign for the honorable congressman, Ron Paul.

On election day, we need the hash-tags “#IWroteinRonPaul,” “#WriteinRonPaul,” or “#ImWritingInRonPaul” to trend in a major way on twitter, and any other online media outlets that may pick up on this algorithm.  On Twitter, when you use one of the hash-tags, please be sure to tweet it to @CNN, @FoxNews, @MSNBC, or any other news agencies, local or national, you can think of that has a Twitter handle.  By all means, post this article on “The Daily Paul” and various other Pro-Liberty sites you may be a member of.  Let’s make this campaign strong and prevalent because it will be our virtual line in the sand.  People say you’re throwing away your vote by not voting for one of the 2 major political parties.  That statement itself is an oxymoron, because by continuing to vote from one of the 2 major political parties is another one of millions of votes lost and buried in the shuffle, rendering it meaningless.  By utilizing those hash-tags and affixing it to the handle of news agency twitter accounts, you can rest assured your votes will mean something and shall be heard.  If we have between at least 1-10 million liberty seekers participate in this event on election day, the media will be so inundated by these messages laced in liberty, they’ll have no choice but to eventually mention this in news coverage or perhaps news-print the following day.  The point is to send a direct and strong message to the establishment that we want our civil liberties back!  They are unalienable rights!

For example, if successful, the write-in campaign will go a little something like this:

I’m writing in Ron Paul because he believes 1st and foremost that our constitution needs to be restored a.s.a.p!  This means repealing decades of unconstitutional legislation for starters.  I’m writing in Ron Paul because he speaks and acts with a higher than average level of integrity!  I’m writing in Ron Paul because he is against having our military men and women marching all over the world oppressing the liberty of others, and in the process killing or being killed themselves!  I’m writing in Ron Paul because he’s against unjust war.  I’m writing in Ron Paul because he’s genuinely intelligent by true measures of intelligence, not fashion shows and rhetorical speech contests!  I’m writing in Ron Paul because he’s for sound money and a truly free market place where real money will be legal to use once more!  I’m writing in Ron Paul because I know better! If don’t write him in, I’d consciously be doing my self and my country a disservice by choosing between the lesser of two evils, so I’m writing in Ron Paul! I’m writing in Ron Paul because he understands the true meaning of the 2nd Amendment!

On your feet everyone!  Wake up and get on your feet! “Tyranny is here! Tyranny is here! Tyranny is here!”  Consider this Valente Journal entry a modern day 21st century Liberty siren.  We are the Minutemen of today’s battle for freedom.  I’m calling on all of you to take a stand with me on election day and beyond.  Take a stand against tyranny! Take a stand against corruption! Against fascism! Against socialism! Against the occupation of other sovereign nations! Against your very own enslavement!  I’m writing in Ron Paul because he understands the 1st 10 Amendments are our Bill of Rights, which are unalienable rights[power] given to us by our creator.  Hey guys…I’m writing in Ron Paul, for Liberty!

A Valente Journal,


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6 Responses to The Write-In Campaign: I wrote in Ron Paul Because…

  1. Matilda says:

    Obama is too much of a socialist. We dont need another 4 years of inaction and recession. Time for a change.

    Montgomery triangle is awesome!!

  2. KH says:

    I vote for #WriteInRonPaul it is shorter and catchier, but I like the idea! I already sent in my write in vote for Ron Paul!

  3. KH says:

    Look, people are already using #WriteInRonPaul we just need to get it trending on Tuesday:

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  5. gold account says:

    good riddance dp . i am done with this circle jerking site. the ron paul purist circle jerks are driving folks away. I wish i would of seen this crap back in 2006 i could of saved alot of money and time instead of wasting it on a movement that ron paul purists are killing themselves. signing off. dp and rpf has been over run with folks basically telling and encouraging folks to deface their ballot and vote for folks that are not legally on a ballot or certified.

  6. Idebenone says:

    the revolution is over? All of you only ron paul people do realize he is retiring don’t you? I have not heard one idea to move this revolution forward from that group.

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