Defeating Neo conversatism: David French on “Stars Earn Stripes”

Good afternoon everyone,

In an ongoing effort to inject common sense logic into a world plagued with fallacy and deception, I have decided to title this entry “Defeating Neo-Conservatism.” As most of you may know by now, I’m neither democrat nor republican and I don’t support any political parties whatsoever. As I’ve always stated, “when one joins a political party, one resigns their right and ability to think.” -Lorenzo. My intent with this entry, and others soon to follow, will serve to spotlight the errors in political logic neo-conservatives, modern day liberals -and others who blindly follow political ideology- share. Collectivism is not the American way for it only leads to the destruction of individual Liberty and prosperity. I will do my best to make more Americans aware of this fact; hopefully reassuring them to employ the constitution as a political guide, and not bias corrupt political parties.
This first edition of “Defeating Neo Conservatism” features a break down of an article written by ‘David French.’  Based on what he wrote about militarism, I have concluded that he falls within the ranks of the Neo-con movement.  To all the liberty warriors out there, enjoy the read and please continue to share light where there is darkness.

     So last week as I was reading tweets from within my twitter timeline, I could not help but notice a tweet from Gov. Sarah Palin, especially due to the fact she does not tweet too often.  In this particular instance, the former Alaska Gov tweeted a link to an article titled:

Three Reasons Why Nobel Peace Prize Winners Are Wrong About “Stars Earn Stripes”

I proceeded to click the link and was none too impressed by what I read.

     Reading this article has been an absolutely fascinating experience for me, given its written from a typical neoconservative perspective.  Apparently, media entertainment has done its job effectively over the last decade; warming the hearts and minds of countless Americans to the idea that we, the people of the U.S.A., should worship and bow down to those who have served in the military; both past and present. I have not seen the show mentioned in this article, but I’ve heard about it in passing, therefore I cannot objectively critique the program.

     However, for anyone to go on to assume “we need more militarism in our culture” (this precise passage has been edited from French’s original article, but remains heavily suggested) as suggested by the author of the article, ‘David French’ and others of his ilk, I’d suggest said individuals read a history book, and the U.S. constitution while you’re at it.  I will never condone the vile actions of anyone, anywhere, shooting babies in the face, raping women, coercing them to join terrorist causes, and various other atrocities of war cited in French’s article. That being said, preventing domestic crime in foreign lands abroad, such as many listed in this piece, is not the reason we were to launch military campaigns into the middle east.  Taking this perspective suggests to me that David French, the author and apparently many of those who have left comments on his piece, are saying we should police the entire world while leaving our own backyard a decrepit wasteland filled with criminal activity that tenders similar conditions; inflicting just as much damage.

     The campaign to glorify the military no matter what they are ordered to do, and in some cases not ordered to do, despite how vile the actions, seems to be effective on the mental psyche of most Americans. Yes, I recall viewing footage of American soldiers targeting, shooting, and killing families shopping and taking their children to school and several other cases of everyday normal, harmless activities we partake in here the U.S.A.  Do you remember this breaking news story, while you were quick to point out what the actual terrorists do to civilians in these war zones Mr. French?  Revisionist history is a polite way of saying “let’s lie…leave details A…B…&…C out….and add deteails X…Y…&…Z.” I remember this news footage, not delivered by the mainstream media, because I don’t exercise selective memory nor partisan politics.

     I read, learn, research, and above all, I think cognitively.  I watch, read, and listen to news objectively; with that newly acquired intel, I do the best I can to verify it, as opposed to further perpetuating and spreading rumors, lies, and overall, deception.  Try it sometime.  You may just learn something new outside of the propaganda filled bubble which surrounds you. To this regard, I’m speaking to those on both the left and the right. I bid you all, a good day.   

A Valente Journal,


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