Let’s Stand our Ground!

Good morning everyone,

In the name of common sense, liberty, and justice, we need to take a strong stand against a common enemy: Propagandized Media Control!

As many of you know by now, 17 year old Trayvon Martin was killed in Sanford, Florida during an altercation with a neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman, in late February.  Mr. Zimmerman is currently in police custody and is expected to stand trial soon for 2nd degree murder charges.

Given the fact that this is the United States of America, if any U.S. citizen is charged with a crime, we are entitled to due process. Under the rule of law, we are deemed innocent of said charges until proven guilty in a court of law.  Unfortunately, this has almost become just a theory, for this practice seems to have been left buried in the distant past.  Through various media outlets, this case has become politicized to the nth degree from both the Conservatives(Republicans) and the Liberals(Democrats) Thanks to the various media outlets who enjoy creating ‘Trials in the Court of Public Opinion’, Zimmerman, whether he’s innocent or not, may already be in peril of not having a fair trial by a jury of his own peers.  As of today, Circuit Court Judge Jessica Recksiedler may recuse herself due to

the fact that her husband has ties to a CNN legal analyst who has been following this case. Now one has to figure if a Circuit Judge presiding over this case has already been over exposed to this case, can you imagine the rest of the Sanford, FL. residents mindset? The media, New Black Panthers Party, conservative and progressive talk shows, and so called civil rights leaders, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, have transformed Sanford into a circus. Is there room for a fair trial at this point? I can’t say for certain if there is or isn’t at this point.

That notwithstanding, that is not the central focus of why I’ve decided to chime in on this tragedy. As most of you may also know, November 2012 is a highly critical election season. We have long standing congressman seeking to retire this year, unconstitutional laws may be set in place, and the Presidential race is the crown jewel of this years political disarray.  The media, and several political pundits, have attempted to distract us with a lengthy discussion at nauseum about birth control, and most recently, a race war that has stemmed from the Sanford, Fl. fatality. Simultaneously, they went on to trump up a fictional ‘War on Women’ argument. (I’ll leave you to decide who you’d choose to side with on that issue) Both republicans and democrats have been going back and forth accusing one another of waging a “war on women”. There is no doubt that radical feminist have been taking jabs at women who choose to be home makers (stay at home mothers) over joining the private sector, but is it really fair to blanketly blame one group for the action of a few? Is it even neccessary for actual news journalists to even participate at all, as we are currently facing an economic crisis that may in fact be irreversible? Anyhow, I digress.

Do you see exactly where I’m going with this article thus far? I’ll return to to the Martin case as a current point of reference. Here is my take on the matter:

I believe the media spun this into a race war to:

1. Obtain ratings; creating sensationalism where there was none.

2. Inject racial division by claiming the killer was a white racist male, which will further increase media attention.

3. Place a strong emphasis on an idea that the ‘white racist man’, who actually turned out to be a mix of Jewish/Hispanic, killed a minor with a gun; fueling the many anti-gun lobby to pressure self serving bureaucrats to abolish the 2nd amendment on a federal level.

The Zimmerman-Martin case is a tragedy, but not a national one.  I implore you all to not allow these suckers to suck you into who’s right or wrong in the Zimmerman-Martin case.  Instead, I’m urging all of you as my fellow Citizens to keep your focus on the real issues.  Again, I’m not down playing the death of a minor, but to have everyone baiting one another into race and political quarreling over it accomplishes nothing.  On one side, many have speculated Martin was lawfully applying the ‘Stand your Ground’ law in Florida. On the other side, several others have speculated Zimmerman had the legal right to use the Stand your Ground law in his defense.  The truth is none of us were there. One producer, formally of media outlet, NBC, went so far as to manipulate audio footage to make one person look worse than the other; thus creating a false narrative to the entire tragedy. Once NBC was exposed, they obviously made a play to save face by firing the ‘rogue producer’ who presumably orchestrated this by himself.

I say we as a Americans are intelligent enough to rise above the media blitz of confusion and distraction.  We need to remain focused on the real issues.  Keep our eyes on the prize, which is the U.S. Constitution itself!

We, the people of America, need to write in Congressman Ron Paul’s name this November if he is not on that darn presidential ballot. It is not right that the bought and paid for, corporate controlled media selects our candidates one election cycle after another. Mitt and Barack are not the choice of the people. They’re merely the entrees served as an option, similar to the “fish or chicken” option your given to choose from when one attends a wedding reception. Let’s wake up and regain control of our republic! It’s time we break this dysfunctional cycle. It is imperative we begin nominating and electing constitutional minded citizens to public service on a local, state, and federal level across the board who act with integrity…Let’s stand our ground, United!

A Valente Journal,


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