Giving Thanks


          I know most of us may already know the story behind the Pilgrims and Native Americans.  About how the Pilgrims betrayed the Native Americans some time thereafter they all shared in such a wonderful feast.  Ok-we get it.

A delicious morning breakfast consisting of Old School Hash browns, Eggs, and Grape Juice.

           So putting the ‘politically correct’, albeit accurate story aside for a moment, I think we definitely live in an age where we can acknowledge that Thanksgiving has evolved into something more positive.  For the most part, most of us congregate on this holiday with family and friends. We talk, cook, laugh and reflect.  It’s become somewhat, an informal family reunion of sorts.  We can all stand to learn from history, and hopefully move onward in positive strides.


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  2. Monex fraud says:

    Most of the history that we acquire comes not from history textbooks . of history s most important tasks is to identify myths and misconceptions . people to cultivate some of the world s most important agricultural .

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