Rainy Days: Dread them or Love Them?

Major Storm

Click photo to see video of the Storm on Youtube.


     Good morning everyone. The other night, I found myself sitting at home on a chilly, yet peaceful Sunday evening. I’d already consumed my dinner, which was exquisite, and cleaned my apartment. After all was said and done, I decided to stretch out and relax, and before I knew it, I heard rain drops in November dropping outside.

     Now as a kid, most of us were probably of the mindset… “Oh no, it’s raining outside. That means we can’t go out and play. No fun.” Personally, as a child, my mother would hardly let us, my siblings and I, go outside and play much to begin with. She was very overprotective, but still you knew that when it was raining, there was hardly a chance you’d be allowed outside. As an adult however, I’ve grown to love those rainy days. In my opinion, rainy days are nature’s tiny way of telling us to take a break from the hustle and bustle. A “stop and smell the roses” sort of message. When it rains, I rejoice in the idea of cracking my window to hear the patter of raindrops kiss the earth we walk upon. I’d brew up some tea, read a book, and I’m in heaven. If we have a thunder storm, I find myself wanting to snuggle under my blankets with a good horror movie. Essentially, rain effectively helps rejuvenate our ecosystem while providing us a fresh supply of water. So in a nutshell, the rain gives me a sense of comfort and serenity.

     We’ll have our fair share of rainy days and sunny days. I love the fact that I reside in Chicago, because you can experience all the seasons and their elements. Whether you’re trudging through the snow, listening to the rain and thunder, lounging on hot summer nights, and etc, it’s an adventure that I’m grateful to experience. What are your favorite seasonal elements from where you live? Start a discussion below with some of your intriguing stories. Enjoy your day.

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